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Pre-Purchase Inspection

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Like every major asset purchase it makes good sense to have a professional carry out an independent inspection prior to settlement. This most regularly occurs with houses in pest and building inspections, cars with vehicle inspections and the same is also possible in the marine industry with a pre purchase inspection from a Marine Surveyor. The process to organise a pre purchase inspection is as simple as contacting us and MW Marine Surveys will coordinate the logistics from that point on. The survey is non destructive and will generally include an in and out of the water inspection as well as a sea trial and on completion the buyer will have the opportunity for a verbal debrief on the boats condition. Once all of that is done a full written report is prepared which can later be used to support an insurance valuation and policy should the sale proceed.

As a guideline the end survey report will cover the broad areas below and the components or sections within them. It will include photographs and a written description of faults as we find them as well as a final list of recommendations that we suggest be accounted for or repaired prior to settlement. The report will be easy to read and understand giving you a lay persons overview of the condition of the vessel.

  • The exterior hull and deck, looking to identify things like repairs, damage, corrosion and osmosis.
  • The vessels unique identifiers including hull, engine and registration serial numbers
  • The condition of the running gear including propellers, rudders and shafts
  • Through hull fittings internally and externally including sea cocks, portholes and vents
  • The cathodic protection including bonding straps and anodes
  • The vessels interior fit and finish
  • The AC and DC electrical system and its components from the shore supply to the outlet
  • Engine room inspection including plumbing, fittings, steering system and basic visual mechanicals
  • Navigation equipment including operation at sea
  • Plumbing system and tank operation for all liquids

It is important to note that we are not experts in every field and would prefer to recommend the expertise of those who are for the following:

  • More detailed engine analysis including compression testing and oil samples of engines and drives
  • Hull and structure core samples
  • The accuracy of Navigation systems including compass adjusting
  • Tank inspections

Further details can be obtained from our letter of engagement and terms and conditions available here.