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Insurance Survey

Insurance Survey

Insurance companies will quite often require that a vessel undergo an insurance survey so that they can ascertain whether or not that vessel presents a higher level of risk to insure. They will require the surveyor to identify issues that may lead to a total loss such as structural defects, the operation of safety systems on board, potential electrical issues and so on. In general this report is less detailed than a pre purchase inspection as it uses a pass/fail system in key areas including but not limited to:

  • Hull and deck structure including the hull and deck join
  • Electrical installation
  • Safety system installation and operation including bilge pumps and fire systems
  • Structural composition of the hull, stringers, frames, bulkheads and through hull fittings
  • Machinery spaces safety and installation

This report once completed can be used to justify an agreed valuation insurance policy and is also often used by financial institutions to confirm information and values for the finance associated with the vessel.